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Join us as Muggie Doo & The United States Allstars take to the stage at The Funky Biscuit in Boca Raton, FL on February 11th, 2012. We are very excited as we are in the early stages of production for the "Where In The " World Tour 2012 / 2013. We are inviting all of you to come join us as we unveil this "super group" to the world!! A show not to be missed!!!!

Coming this month: Grammy Award Winning Micki Free American Horse Live In Hyde Park DVD!!/CD/EP bundle ! Featuring the talents of Cindy Blackmon-Santanna (ex Lenny Kravitz, David Santos (Billy Joel), Bill Wyman (Rolling Stones), and Muggie Doo.

Palm Beach, Florida: A1M – The United States ,   announced today that it has named Mark Thomas Parker vice president of operations. Prior to joining the Allstars team team, Parker was personal assistant to the late legendary grammy award winning Buddy Miles. . He is a 14-year veteran working with traveling and recording artists in the music industry.
“We are very excited to bring Mark aboard to support the growth of the company and handle day to day  operations.
  "He brings with him a wealth of unique knowledge and a talent that has served us well in the past while on tour with the Buddy Miles Express, and in many of my other musical endeavors both national and international."
 " He has experience on many levels from sales, promotions, merchandise development, security,  travel coordination and communication. I believe reaching our next plateau will be considerably streamlined with Mark onboard,” says Mark Leach, president of The United States Allstars and coincidentaly, the father of our new VP.
  VP Parker is also wearing the second hat of tour manager for the Allstars "Where in the World Tour 2012/2013 currently in production. Welcome MP/VP !

Artist one Management

A1M- 1/2/12 : The Muggie Doo Show is officially in preparation for their “Where in the “World Tour “2012/ 2013. Were are all pretty excited around here and ready for the work ahead. Tour formulation began 55 days ago and we definitely are looking forward to bringing this show to the people with a fury!
Those of you who have followed Muggie's career, know he is not an easy artist to typecast. Some know him as a funk man, a rocker, a jazz guy, soul player and many know him just as a bluesman. Let it be known, he'll be bringing it all into "play" this tour.
As the clock ticks down to the group's first tour dates in May, the new CD entitled "ONE" will be in production.The current plan is to release "ONE" pre-tour, tenatively in mid April. Muggie is planning a press release for this Friday concerning the tour, CD and new lineup he calls his "secret weapon". It will also be linked here.
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Newest US Allstars members !

Message from Mug........ Some days are just flat out better than others ! This one just ended with some serious musical bling. The Muggie Doo Show/ United States Allstars are more than proud to announce the newest official members of the show, now in formation for the "Where in the World Tour" 2012/2013. Starting alphabeticaly: Tommy Benson, Ron McCode, Bill Rabon, and Todd Walker and wait till you see what these guys have to offer. My goodness ! Look for bio's on these monster players on the all new grand opening this Sunday!