The U.S.A.S. is currently in production for there "WHERE IN THE WORLD TOUR" 2012/2013 Look below for profiles on some of the newest Allstars members. Check back as things progress.

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Muggie Doo

Ready to unleash The United States Allstars for tour

As the longest standing member and band leader for Grammy award winning Buddy Miles and his “Express” and former band leader for Riki Hendrix, Hammond B3 master Mark Leach AKA Muggie Doo has put in the miles in the music business. As a nearly lifelong touring and recording artist, it is no surprise to hear he’s headed back on tour.

Mark “Muggie Doo” Leach, considered to be one of, if not the founding father of “Funk B3” will be at it again beginning this December through December 2014 as Band leader of the all new “Muggie Doo & The United States Allstars” Performing and recording with artists like Buddy Miles, George Duke, Anna Popovic, Chuck Rainey, Micki Free, Peter Frampton, Robert Lockwood Jr., Tommy Shannon & Chris Leyton of Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Double Trouble”, Bernard Allison, Bobby Rock, Johnny Taylor, Steve Smith (Journey), Phoebe Snow, Barry Whites' "White Heat", George Moye, Heavy Traffic, Cornell Dupree, Bruce Hornsby, Johnny Taylor, Buzzy Lindheart, Dick Dale, The Fabulous Techniques, Brian Auger, Frank Sinatra Jr., and the like. Mark has definitely been leaving his "Mark" on the live music industry for many years. With well over 9,500 national and international performances since the age of six, Muggie is not too hard for you to find on the music scene.

The United States Allstars “Where in the World Tour 2014/2015” will kick off along the U.S. Eastern seaboard for a 16 day test run in early May and they are planning an early August start to the first leg of the European portion of the tour. Muggie's oldest son, Mark Parker, former assistant to the Legendary Buddy Miles will be in place as tour manager/ coordinator for the full tour. With Muggie on Hammond B3/trumpet/timbales and vocals along with featured guests from each tour date locale, this is definitely going to be a road show with some “magical” extras.

The concept of “Muggie Doo & The United States Allstars” as a touring group has been on the drafting table for over seven years. When asked why the near decade long wait, Leach had this to say, "I’ve always intended for The U.S. Allstars to be my final touring unit I would put my all into. I have every intention to solely be with this unit from here on in. To me it was very important to pick each and everyone involved with The Allstars very carefully. If you look at it like I do, you’re picking your new family for the rest of your life. You’ve got to have players that can really get to the audiences spirit, but I also need to have guys that operate with unity as people. I mean,even the youngest of our guys knows how to hit the stage with a vengeance and deliver a monster show to the people.  They know the drill and know how to shine .”


“This band knows what it takes to move the people and to touch their hearts. I rely on them tooth and nail to make this show astonishing and they bring something new to the table daily. And of course everyone has got to keep us all laughing all the way to the stage. No problem there cause we’d get even more done if we could stop laughing at each others foolishness. I love my band and it doesn’t hurt that they are funky like a bow legged Monkey. I’ve never been so at home. My mentor and dearly missed friend Buddy Miles would have loved this unit. We have built this show by Buddy’s standards and I consider it a tribute to his message and a continuation from where he left off. Buddy was all about this nation and it’s opportunities for all. We have every intention on representing, keeping the flag high and the eagle flying however funky it might get along the way.”

“These players are my musical family and I couldn’t be more proud of them. The endless hours of work they put in ain’t for the faint of heart. Our tour-building schedule is grueling to put it mildly. I waited it out until I knew we had the right stuff and let me tell you, it was worth the wait.” The tour will include appearances in China, Australia, New Zealand, South America, Russia, Israel and Africa along with much of Europe and of course, the 50 states.

The United States Allstars Inc. has much more in their vision than concert tours alone. The corporation goals also include the founding of semi- retirement homes for American “sidemen” of the music industry. Mostly overlooked in their later years many of the sidemen who have created the music behind name artists in our country are literally “let out to pasture” when they are no longer able to tour or record.

As you could assume, most touring and recording sidemen have lived a life without any of the normal securities such as life or health insurance and look forward to no retirement income outside of what they could save on a sideman’s salary. Muggie says. “Through donations and fan funding along with investments we intend to build communities for these players with private accommodations, public and private performance areas, assisted living and other amenities to make retirement a reality for those who have touched us with their talent for so many years."

The groups personal management (Artist one Management.com) is an entity that was also formed specifically for this endeavor, as was the band. Staffed by Debra Lyn, William Jolly and Jon Dodson, their hands will be seriously full for the next year and a half. When asked about future goals for The United States Allstars - A1M Manager Debra Lyn says "We're pretty determined to have them rock The White House before Election Day." As far as the A1M team, all Muggie had to say was “Hard working management that you like AND you can trust? Priceless! They are a blessing to us and we love 'em!”

When it comes to what the show is all about Leach says with a smirk, "Don't let the name fool ya.” The U.S.A.S. is High Energy funky festival style Group and not at all the sit down, black tie formal entertainment package one might think from the name. We do about an even blend of original material and many songs made famous by American entertainers that are known worldwide. There’s a lot of improv and these guys can groove like nobody’s business. We’ll run from 6 to 16 pieces with the florida based “Mother Chapter” unit depending on the venue but it’s always a big band sound wise”. Privately funded and operated, The U.S.A.S is under it's own control and not affiliated with or produced by any government agency. We are all about our BLUES, FUNK, JAZZ and ROCKin soul, in living color with some of The United States strongest entertainers hard at work/.

THE UNITED STATES ALL STARS are in a never ending state of auditions and always open to unique talents from across the nation. The band is being built in "chapters" and is designed to be able to deliver several concerts simultaneously. We have every intention of being the largest membership band on the planet with chapters in each state.

You can find more on Muggie and The U.S. Allstars on Youtube’s Muggiefans channel , WhereintheWorldTour.com, theOrganPlayer.com and Artist1Management.com If you are interested in an audition in your region contact U.S.A.S. By E_MAIL @ USAS@USA.com with a brief Bio and photo. All applicants will receive a response.

Check out UnitedStatesAllStars.com

The UNITED STATES ALL STARS takes a great deal of pride in preserving and enriching its audiences musical heritage. Emphasis is placed on the performance of music by American songwriters, and new works, written and arranged by U.S.A.S. members. Combined with an outstanding stage show and a hyper-dedicated line-up the AllStars are breathtaking and emotionaly power packed..

" Our goal is to lead people into a closer relationship with the musical styles that Americans have raised from their infancy to their complex present. We have a cast of entertainers that are one of a kind and the music as well as the visual show is heavy with improv." says Mark(MUGGIE DOO) Leach. Leach is President & founder The UNITED STATES ALL STARS, master manipulater of the HAMMOND B3 Organ, and a considerable talent on a host instruments as well as a vocalist.
As Leach says with a smirk, "Don't let the name fool ya". The U.S.A.S. is High Energy festival style Group and not at all the sit down, black tie formal entertainment package. Privately funded and operated, the U.S.A.S is under it's own control and not affiliated with or produced by any government agency.
We are all about our BLUES, FUNK, JAZZ and ROCK in living color with some of the United States strongest entertainers hard at work here.
The UNITED STATES ALL STARS are in a never ending state of auditions and allways open to unique talents from across the nation. The band is built in "chapters" and is designed to be able to deliver several concerts simultaneously. If you are interested in an audition in your region contact U.S.A.S. By E_MAIL @ internationalfans@.com with a brief Bio and photo. All aplicants will recieve a response.

WEST COAST NEWS ::Byron Bordeaux of Newport Beach, California & Patrick Gage of Dallas, Texas ready to "Shake" things up.

The U.S.A.S. welcomes our first California member, Byron Bordeaux, on guitar , lead vocalist and background vocalist. His versatile style, vitality, and showmanship invigorate the All Stars live performances and bring a unique presence to the unit as a whole.
"Byron is without a doubt one of the strongest and most prolific entertainers America has to offer and believe me that may be an understatement," says Leach, U.S.A.S. founder.
As guitarist for the legendary soul crooner, Bobby Wolmack, touring guitarist with The GAP Band or heading up his own band, The Mirror Image Experience Byron is a force to be reckoned with. Look for Byron's full bio and tourdates coming in April!!

. The U.S. All-Stars not only rock the house; They can bring the house too!!

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Straight from the South Florida tropics. Bill Parker is the leader of The UNITED STATES ALL-STARS Florida brass section and # 1 horn with the Buddy Miles Express. Once in a great while, a dazzling talent comes on the scene who amazes everyone by his heartfelt ability and ingenuity. Bill is by all means such a talent and isn't afraid to go for the "High note" !!

"He has painstakingly become one of the best trumpet players in the music industry in my opinion," Muggie Doo says of Bill. Known for his dynamic energy, electrifying technique and unerring ability to compliment and accompany the most accomplished artists and talents, he is an inspiration to work with.

Bill is not only a trumpet man, his abilities extend beyond that into his smooth vocals, composing, arranging and producing. Stop back next week for the biography on this great performer.